The owner, Laurie McCollum, of Care Managers, Inc. is a registered nurse with multiple certifications and degrees. She has over 25 years of nursing and case management experience.


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Laurie Thinel McCollum RN, CCM, CLCP


Laurie has been licensed as a Registered Nurse since 1983. Her clinical background includes Intensive Care, Trauma, Supervision and Management. Laurie has been a Case Manager since 1986 with certification as a CCM in 1993. In 1996 she received her certification as a Life Care Planner. Laurie has focused her skills in areas of Workers’ Compensation, Auto No-Fault, Life Care Planning, Medical Chart Reviews, and Catastrophic Case Management. Laurie has attended training seminars in Spinal Cord Injuries, Forensic rehabilitation, Advanced pediatric Catastrophic Case Management, Amputations, Burns, Chronic Pain, RSD, AIDS and Psychiatric Disorders. Laurie is a member of the International Academy of Life Care Planners. Laurie is the Owner of Care Managers, Inc and the Nursing Supervisor.

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